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Indoor Herb Gardens

Growing an herb garden indoors offers many benefits. One benefit is that you can putter in the garden at anytime, day or night, irregardless of the weather outside. Your herbs are close at hand when you need seasoning for the dishes you are cooking. Plus your indoor garden adds to the interior design of you home. In order to insure the very best indoor garden there are three very important factors you must consider.

One consideration is sunlight. If you have windows facing either South or West and you are able to situate your plants so they will get the required sunlight that is good. If you have some plants that do not like as much sunlight you can place them further back from the windows. If this is not an option then you will need to set up lighting inside your home. You will need to purchase what some folks call “grow lights”. They have enough intensity to satisfy your herbs but you must be sure the lighting does not dry the leaves on your plants.

You must be sure that your plants have enough moisture and humidity. This could be a major factor in the winter when you run your heating system. If you have a humidifier this will help. The other option would be to place a tray with water and pebbles beneath your herbs. It would be a good idea if you were to spray your plants a couple times a week.

Temperatures are also important. Some plants can withstand cooler temperatures than other plants. You will need to adjust the location of you plants to accommodate this need as well. If your plants are near the windows for the sunlight you must be sure that the double pane windows will be enough to protect your plants from the cold in the wintertime. You might need to change their location when the seasons change.

None of this is terribly burdensome, it will just take a little prior planning. If you have to move the plants away from the window that might be the perfect window for the Christmas tree. Just a suggestion!

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