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Growing Herbs Indoors

If you go to any cooking recipe site, one thing you will notice in almost all recipes is that there’s always a herb or two that’s being mentioned. It’s because herbs are always a part of cooking, since without herbs, your food will taste bland. So, it’s best that you always have herbs in your cupboard or fridge ready when you do cooking.

But, rather than buying herbs from the supermarket, why not grow your own? By growing your own herbs, not only are you assured of their freshness but they will always be within your reach when you need any for your cooking.

No space in your house to do some gardening? Dont fret! You can grow herbs indoor anytime.

Although most herbs require a good amount of sunlight, this does not mean that growing herbs indoors will result in wilted plants. You can place your herb plot or pot in your kitchen window: this way, you need only to pick your herbs when you need them, and they’ll be within your reach all the time.

When growing herbs indoors, be careful when watering them: too much water can soak up the stems of your herbs or make the leaves wilt quickly. This can affect their taste, so be careful. Moreover, when growing herbs indoors, do research! Not all herbs can be grown indoors, so read before you plant!

Growing herbs indoors [] can be a fun introduction to gardening for you. You only need some good soil for your pot, good working materials, and seeds for your herbs. Just have some good sense and do your research, and soon, your cooking will be even more exciting, too!

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