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How to Make a Vegetable Garden

Knowledge of how to make a vegetable garden will reward you with your-grown fresh vegetables for your family. If you have a small plot where it is possible to plant vegetables then look no further and begin the process. Unless you are an experienced gardener then I advise you to start with small garden so that not to turn the whole work in arduous task destined to be quit.

Start making the garden no larger than 9 X 11. It is always possible to make it larger if needed in the future, but first get used to working in your newly-made vegetable garden. Your garden should receive maximum amount of sunshine during a day especially if you live in the north. After selecting a place begin working up the soil with a tiller but note to not touch the sod. Sod preserves the soil drainage that is very important for your plants to grow properly. It is advisable to have a sandy loam soil for your garden. You can check it by taking a bit of your soil and if it crumbles when you sift it then it is a sandy loam soil.

Your soil should have PH level 5-6 and should consist of nitrogen, potassium and all other major nutrients. If you have sandy or clay type of soil you can use topsoil or much cheaper compost for your soil. Compost should be used in spring and autumn for several consecutive seasons to make your soil better for plants to grow well. Compost consists of animal manure, bones, carcasses and other biodegradable substances. You can make a raised bed for your garden using topsoil.

Horizontal timbers 2.5 X 11 are a good building material. Raised bed is making planting easier and besides fences the vegetable garden. Besides that if you have back problems you will not be bending every time during gardening. Now you can start planting process. For this you need to purchase quality brand seeds. Do not buy cheap low quality ones that will get you in trouble.

In small garden it is advisable to grow bush type pumpkin that do not take much room and summer squash. If you want to plant corn then place it in the north part of your garden so that it does not shade other plants. Onions, beets, peas and the like are easy to handle plants.

Tomatoes are started indoors from transplants or seeds. If you live in the north do not plant until the last frost date. Sometimes during learning how to make a vegetable garden people make mistakes by beginning planting in the spring when the weather turns good but the frost kills all their efforts thereafter. In this case be especially careful with tender species like tomatoes, watermelon and beans. Then you should protect your vegetable garden from animals like rabbit, deer and others by stretching barbed wire entanglement around it.

Your vegetable garden should also be preserved from insect infestation. Well-planned spacing, weeding and fertilization are the good remedy against this problem. At the same time you should use some insecticides to control the eradication of specific insects.

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