How to Succeed With an Indoor Herb Garden

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How to Succeed With an Indoor Herb Garden

If you like cooking with herbs and have a wish for an herb garden, but don’t have the yard space, consider an indoor herb garden. The most common type of indoor herb gardens are those in which you have a long windowsill and space to place pots on it. But don’t despair; there are other ways to grow herbs indoors.

The first thing to consider before starting your indoor garden is that it should have ample light and be unreachable by children and pets. The next thing you need to decide is how large your herb garden can be in the location you have selected. The herbs you plant will all grow to different proportions, some much larger than others, so be sure to plan appropriately.

Select herbs for your herb garden that will grow well together. Some types of herbs will actually take over other less resilient herbs and the result is a hybrid of both. A well known example of this is the oregano plant being planted too close to a peppermint plant. The result is a new plant that will smell like both oregano and peppermint.

Decide what herbs you are interested in planting and how they will be used. You might consider herbs for cooking and herbs for potpourri. There are many different types of herbs and due to those that do not grow well together, you must first complete your research on their growing conditions and their suitability for your indoor herb garden.

Some herbs are harder to grow than others while an herb like chives is hardier and likely to grow in more areas. Make sure the types you select will grow well in room temperature. An indoor herb container garden will add some color to your rooms if grown in the correct light and temperature.

With an indoor garden, you can have fresh herbs throughout the coldest part of the year. Just be sure to move the herbs as needed to ensure they always receive the right light for optimal growing conditions. Your indoor herb garden will also provide some of the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for good health, such as cayenne.

For hundreds of years, herbs have been grown for medicinal purposes. For example, Echinacea has proven to be an herb that can shorten the length of a cold. This can be grown in your indoor herb garden along with other herbs that can treat depression during the cold winter months.

Purchase your herbs from a well established nursery that can provide you with information on indoor growing conditions. With the help of an expert, you should be able to follow their instructions to maintain a healthy indoor garden throughout the year. Along with the information provided about each herb that will describe the benefits in detail, anyone should be able to produce a wonderful indoor herb garden addition to the most suitable room in their house.

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