Facts About Growing Your Own Vegetables

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Facts About Growing Your Own Vegetables

If you are thinking of growing your own vegetables, you have probably already considered the benefits of having fresh, tasty produce at your fingertips. You may have even contemplated the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment you might experience by raising your own food from seed or seedlings. But there are many other advantages you may not have considered.

One main reason many people decide to grow their own vegetables is prospect of available fresh produce. Nothing compares to the ability to harvest the ingredients for tonight’s dinner just moments before you plan to use them. Once the initial planning and planting work has been done, the convenience of your backyard garden will even outweigh a short trip to the corner store.

Growing your own produce will also give you control over the process of growing and harvesting your produce. You will know exactly what kind of soil, compost, fertilizers, or pesticides, if any, are were used to grow your food. You will know that the there were no unfair labor or trade practices involved in the process. Furthermore, you will be assured that the varieties available are ones you have selected and enjoy.

Another advantage to growing your own veggies is the lessened environmental impact. Food sold in grocery stores usually has to be trucked in and can cause a significant carbon footprint, even for locally grown produce. Limiting the transportation to a few steps off the back porch reduces the carbon footprint to zero.

Depending on what kind of produce you usually buy, growing your own can also have some cost benefits. Home grown pesticide-free and organic produce is generally cheaper than its store-bought equivalent, even after factoring the costs of setting up and maintaining your garden. If you usually buy conventional products, the comparative costs even out more, though even then, careful planning can give homegrown the decided advantage.

Many home gardeners also experience a sense of satisfaction as a result of eating and serving produce grown by their own hand. It is a unique experience for most people to be able to produce and provide food they planted and grew themselves. Such a connection to the source of your food is not possible with store-bought food.

The initial cost and effort required to establish a home garden may not seem worth it in the face of the convenience of the grocery store. But in the long run, growing your own vegetables can offer many benefits that you might not have considered.

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