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Greenhouse Essentials

More and more people are deciding to add a greenhouse of some sort to their yards. With an increased interest in gardening and growing vegetables, a greenhouse can be a great addition to extend the growing season and to start new plants. Within a greenhouse plants can receive a controlled environment and protection from the elements.

Regardless of the type of greenhouse, certain supplies are necessary to provide the best possible environment. Whether you buy or build your own greenhouse, here are items and accessories you will need to consider:

Flooring: The floor of your greenhouse must discourage pests, the growth of weeds, or disease pathogens. Use a central pathway or floor of concrete if possible. Other choices are gravel, wooden slats (commonly known as duckboards), or concrete slabs. Lay down a base of pea gravel to set your planting containers so water can drain.

Ventilation: Your greenhouse should have a hinged roof ventilator for times when the temperature rises above 80 degrees. Extra ventilators along the sides are necessary for a good air flow. Automatic ventilators that open as the temperature in the greenhouse rises are a good investment.

Watering: Since a greenhouse is a rain-free place, If you’re still in the planning stage a faucet within the greenhouse will make watering easier. Watering can then be easily done with a watering can, a nozzle attached to a hose, or a simple automatic watering system. If you have an existing greenhouse, then you can still set up an automatic trickle system by connecting it to an outdoor faucet with a hose.

Staging and Shelving: If you plan to grow container plants or use the greenhouse to start your seeds, benches, shelves or staging are essential. The best type has a slatted wood surface so air can circulate and excess water drain. Put in one section of solid top staging for a workbench to pot up plants. If your bench is collapsible, it will be easy to move out of the way as the plants grow, and allow more growing room.

Thermometer: A good thermometer is essential, so that you can monitor temperature. Both digital and traditional mercury types work well.

Propagation Tray: Starting seeds and propagating from cuttings must have a moist and warm environment, and since you don’t need these conditions throughout the whole greenhouse, a heated propagation tray is the answer. You will need one with a plastic cover, preferably vented, and a heat source. Make sure the cover has good headroom.

These are just some of the equipment and supplies you will need in a functional greenhouse. A lot of your choices will depend on how you intend to use the greenhouse. If you are using it only to start seeds and seedlings and grow some summer vegetables in a protected environment, then these items will give you a good start.

Source by Nicki Goff

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