How to Succeed at Growing Herbs in Pots

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How to Succeed at Growing Herbs in Pots

Herbs can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Either way, they can still thrive and flourish. They can grow in containers, pots, window boxes, and even in hanging baskets. Whether planted indoor or outdoor, herbs still have the same necessities in order for them to grow.

Like any other plants, herbs need soil, sunlight and water to live. Herbs cannot live without sunlight because heat and light are vital for their growth. If you plan to grow your herbs indoors, place them on the window facing south where sunlight is the longest and brightest all throughout the year. Herbs do have different sunlight requirements, but most of them prefer full sunlight. In case of indoor herbs, if the plants do not receive as much light as they need, fluorescent lamps can be provided to compensate. Herbs love well-drained soil, but dislike heavy and wet soil. When growing herbs in pots, combine two parts of sterilized potting soil with one part coarse sand or perlite. If you worry about the soil escaping the container, gravel can be added at the bottom part of the container. This will aid in better drainage also. Add one teaspoon of lime for every 5-inch pot to make the soil pleasant for indoor herbs. For the water requirements of herbs, keep them humidified by misting the plants and sprinkling water on the pebbles. Potted herbs need more water than those grown outdoors. Still, do not let the water collect at the roots or the plants will drown.

Good thing about growing herbs in pots is that, they are very mobile. You can keep annual herbs indoors throughout the year, but take the perennial herbs outside during summer time. Before winter hits, take all the herbs indoors to keep them from losing their foliage. Growing herbs in pots makes it easy to carry the plants around, either outdoor or indoor, depending on the season. There is an exception to this rule though. In case of chives, mint and tarragon, you can keep them a in a little while outside during winter. A light frost will make them grow stronger.

Basically, all herbs can be potted, although there are varieties that really prefer to be potted. Mint, for instance, will just spread uncontrollably if not grown in pots. It’s also easy to care for herbs grown indoors. Just follow the guidelines aforementioned, compensate for the needed light, and repot them every year to ensure maximum health. Annual herbs should be replanted, and keep the perennial herbs out on summer. You can pluck out a small amount that you need from time to time, or you can occasionally harvest. Pruning will also benefit your plants, encourage new growth and make them healthier. Growing herbs in pots allow you to reach out and just grab some whenever you need some food enhancers for your everyday recipe. They will also make good gifts to family and friends.

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