When Should You Start a Vegetable Garden?

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When Should You Start a Vegetable Garden?

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to save money and enjoy fresh, organic vegetables. The vegetables you buy in the store are often not organic, and when you do find the organic vegetables, they are so much more expensive. Growing your own vegetables can be very cheap, and after a couple of years using the same tools and plants, they can virtually be free. Growing vegetables is not fool-proof, but it isn’t too difficult either. With the right seeds or seedlings, soil, watering schedule, fertilizer, and care, you don’t have to be a pro to grow vegetables. With a little knowledge and some trial and error, you can have your own meager or robust crop by the end of the season.

To prepare for a vegetable garden, you have to get all the right tools. It’s important to get the correct tools so that you can effectively care for your garden. You need soil, fertilizer, seeds or plants, a garden hoe, a shovel, a rake, and a watering can or hose. Just as important as your tools, you need to grow your garden at the right time. I can’t give you the exact time of year because it will differ depending on the region you live it. Basically, you start in the spring and harvest in the fall.

You have to make sure you start at the right time. If you start too early before the last frost, your plants will freeze and die. If you start too late, they will not grow well and won’t be ready in time for harvest. In order to find the optimal time, you need to find out when the last frost is. I live in the Northeast of the United States, so I will use my area as an example. Planting season usually starts for me around April or May. I know for sure that it will not be okay to start planting in March, so I don’t even consider it at that time. I usually wait until it has been warmer for at least 2 weeks or so and that it’s closer to the end of April.

If you aren’t sure when to start planting in your area, go to your local garden nursery and ask them. They should be knowledgeable about plants and know when in your area is the best time. While you’re at it, ask them for any ticks and ideas they may have for you to get your garden off to a great start and how to keep it growing well and producing all year round.

Source by Samantha Asher

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